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Marriage isn't a pick-and-choose institution




In her May 22 commentary (“Protect a just decision”), Lorelei Monet states that right-wing extremists are behind the move to prohibit same-sex marriage. Extremists are involved in every issue, but I think Lorelei will find that there are many citizens like myself who do not frame same-sex marriage as primarily a religious concern. The inversion of the customary meaning of marriage reeks of 1984’s Newspeak. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman, a husband and a wife.

The GLBT community has a legal term—“domestic partnerships”—for their unions, and it gives them many benefits. They need to learn to live with that. Our government gives tax advantages to men and women who are married, since most of these unions produce children. The vast majority of same-sex marriages would not involve children.

If same-sex marriages do become the law of the land, couples should be required to take the same vows as traditional marriage and declare exactly who is the husband and who is the wife. If you want to use the term “marriage,” you cannot cherry-pick the obligations and traditions.

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