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Marx has a proven track record



Brenda Holmes’s claim (“Harmon would give SLO a fresh start,” Sept. 8, New Times) that Mayor Jan Marx has done nothing to help SLO city residents is completely out of touch. Jan is a longtime member of Residents for Quality Neighborhoods. In office, she has worked tirelessly to improve life in the neighborhoods. The number of noise complaints has gone steadily down since Jan voted to increase enforcement. 

Neighborhood blight has been significantly reduced since the neighborhood services program she voted for has been in operation. She has effectively lobbied Cal Poly to build more on-campus housing, which will house 1,475 new students, and has worked with residents in pressuring them to build even more dorms. In response to this community pressure, Cal Poly has actually begun the process of building the next round of dorms. 

The Neighborhood Civility Collaboration, which Jan helped shape, has won the International Town Gown Association prize for innovation. And, just recently, she spearheaded setting aside funding for a new park in a neighborhood that’s been promised one for the last 40 years. Residents need this staunch advocate on City Council, not someone with opinions but no proven track record of actually getting anything done. 

Re-elect Mayor Jan Marx!

-- Evelyn Greenwald - San Luis Obispo

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