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Maybe store music choices need more relevancy


Mike Robertson might be onto something ("The root cause of the world's problems," April 11). I, too, feel tortured when subjected to inane music while I'm trying to get some shopping done.

When did it start, this idea that customers need some kind of mind-numbing noise in the background? I first noticed it when I was a college student working at a psychiatric hospital. I remember stopping in my tracks, as it suddenly occurred to me that the piped-in music was playing the theme from M.A.S.H. You know, that song otherwise known as "Suicide is Painless."

Now, I'm thinking if stores, etc., insist on playing music, how about if they select songs that at least are relevant? A subliminal truth in advertising, if you will. Here are my suggestions:

1. "If I Had a Hammer" (Pete Seeger) for Home Depot.

2. "The Drugs Don't Work" (The Verve) for CVS.

3. "Fake Plastic Trees" (Radiohead) for Walmart.

4. "Money" (Pink Floyd) for Rabobank.

5. "Grease" (from the musical) for McDonalds.

I can probably come up with many more, but you get the idea. Besides, I gotta go to the post office. Maybe they'll be playing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." I'd like that.

Diane Smith

Arroyo Grande

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