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Maybe three wrongs can make a right

San Luis Obispo



To those mourning over lost liberty because of the corrupting influences that financial power has over government, an ironic twist may, for once, yield some just payback.

Three travesties have resulted from those corrupting financial influences: The Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are citizens; the Justice Department has proved unwilling to prosecute financial firms despite historic levels of fraud; and most troubling, in his last act of 2011, President Obama (expressing anxiety) has authorized unending imprisonment, without legal counsel or trial, for American citizens accused of hostilities against the United States. (That’s right: “accused,” not “convicted”.)

Can we connect the dots of the three travesties above to obtain any justice? Well, if accused corporations are considered “citizens” acting with hostile intent to bankrupt the nation, and if the Justice Department won’t prosecute them, why not indefinitely confine the accused corporations, along with legal staffs and headquarters, at Guantanamo? It’s moral, just, and—ironically—now legal!

-- Dan Biezad - San Luis Obispo

-- Dan Biezad - San Luis Obispo

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