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Mayor Marx steers SLO in the right direction



A Heidi Harmon for San Luis Obispo mayor supporter recently wrote that Heidi wants to inspire people to participate in the process because the city is at a crossroads.

We are, and have been, at a crossroads. Mayor/Councilmember Jan Marx has helped us safely navigate that crossroads for more than a decade. Her persistent efforts, a strong council, good advisory bodies, and an active citizenry have led to substantial progress on major city goals. Our financial position has been strengthened on Jan’s watch; housing infill projects are moving along (after hearing and adjusting to valid concerns by neighbors); our tourist economy is being strengthened; downtown business is adapting to changing shopping patterns that challenge brick-and-mortar stores; the land-use and circulation update is in place, with needed housing and road connections; our water supply is stable. Yes, we are still charming. I could go on.

Newcomers to government are important. Heidi is a bright woman who will find her role. For mayor, let’s keep Jan Marx, whose solid record has earned our deep appreciation and support. 

-- Patty Andreen - SLO

-- Patty Andreen - San Luis Obispo

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