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Measures' passage would ominously shift power

San Luis Obispo



The well- reasoned arguments of those promoting Measures A and B leave one vital question unanswered: If the Measures pass, what real power will public safety workers have left? They cannot strike, have no voice on the City Council, and have too much integrity to lower their standards of public service.

The resulting power shift would be ominous, a despairing omen for all public sector workers. Instead of restoring fiscal equilibrium in a way that ensures checks and balances between management and labor, these Measures are specifically designed to strip power from those members of the middle class pledged to protect us.

This same emphasis on fiscal sustainability is used at the state and national levels to attack programs that, borrowing from our Constitution’s preamble, “promote the general Welfare.” Any power sharing with the middle class seems increasingly inconsistent with the great and growing inequity of wealth and power distribution in our society.

-- Dan Biezad - San Luis Obispo

-- Dan Biezad - San Luis Obispo

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