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Meaty and merry


Throw some meat in that sock (er—some jerky in that stocking) this holiday season. Sorry, I have had way too much eggnog and now I'm having trouble "making words." I blame the New Times office cocktail party planning committee for knowing just what writers really want for the holidays (it's not more deadlines; it's strong nog, natch). But let's get to the meat of the matter. We are here to talk about beef, baby! SLO-based biz Cattaneo Bros. underwent a regal re-brand recently (say bye bye to the old-school neon yellow packaging that once concealed the company's premium jerky). What's inside is still grade A, though—and it doesn't hurt that the 100 percent grass fed beef extra thin-cut jerky comes in sophisticated flavors like black pepper, chile cayenne, and sea salt. If you're looking for a last-minute gift that satisfies the choosey carnivore in your life—or you just want something yummy and long lasting for your 2019 end-of-the-world disaster kit, Cattaneo should be a golden go-to. What? No one else is prepping their bomb shelter for the New Year with locally made artisanal meats? Whatever. More meat for me!

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Hayley Thomas Cain is now accepting applications for a spot in her bomb shelter. She can be reached at

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