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Media missing PG&E facts


It’s amazing. The media has reported for four years in every technical detail on the expansion of highly radioactive waste storage and the replacement of steam generators at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Yet it has completely failed to cover any of the real stories behind PG&E’s moves.

1. Local, state, and federal oversight agencies are now allowing PG&E to store 13 times more of the most dangerous material on Earth on our earthquake-prone coastline than they approved when the plant was built!

2. The same agencies have failed to require that PG&E implement the safest, most cost effective means.

3. The ramifications of a major radiation release from the wastes are now as severe as those from a reactor accident.

4. According to the Environmental Impact Report, the release of just a tiny fraction of the accumulated radiation would devastate the county’s economy and decimate property values.

All of which raises the question: Why doesn’t the media tell the real story?


Klaus Schumann

Paso Robles

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