Mike Hoffman

software consultant with Mindbody Software


New Times: What service does Mindbody offer?
Hoffman: Mindbody is a local company that has been designing business management software for the health and wellness industry for over a decade. Founded here in San Luis Obispo, it is a web-based business management suite that allows owners of service-based businesses to track and manage all aspects of their business, including class schedules and attendance, appointment books, room rentals, revenues, and product sales.

New Times: What is your client base?
Hoffman: Our client base is extremely diverse, spanning yoga, pilates, tattoo artists, and even a local fraternity. Our goal is to improve the health and wellness of the world by leveraging the power of the Internet: Our product makes it easier than ever for people to find businesses locally who use Mindbody, and purchase their services.

New Times: Who are some of your clients?
Hoffman: Locally, we have such businesses as Athlon Elite Fitness, Bikram Yoga SLO, the Madonna Inn, Smiling Dog Yoga, Yoga Centre, The Cliffs, and even Sigma Pi Fraternity at Cal Poly. Internationally, we work with such corporations as Fitness Together, Crossfit, YogaWorks, Elements Fitness for Women, Exhale Mindbody Spa, and more.

New Times: Is Mindbody a good place for Cal Poly engineering students to work?
Hoffman: Absolutely. It is a young company with much to look forward to. There are so many growing departments that there is a fit for any student, let alone engineers. Marketing, sales, software development, information technology, and accounting all have present or past Poly students working full time.

New Times: How many employees are there at Mindbody?
Hoffman: The company has over 100 employees, and over 5000 clients worldwide use our product.

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