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Misleading and false campaigning

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Earlier this week, a candidate for SLO County 2nd District supervisor named Dr. Bruce Jones sent a flyer purporting to be supported by local law enforcement. It seems that this is totally and 100 percent false. Dr. Jones used a photo of himself with the police chief without the police chief's permission. He is not endorsed by any local police organization.

Geoff Auslen is the only North County supervisor candidate endorsed by local first responders. Geoff is supported and officially endorsed by the Atascadero Police Association and the Atascadero Firefighters Association.

Dr. Jones isn't from SLO County—he just moved here from Missouri four years ago. He isn't supported by cops, and it's disingenuous and misleading for him to use a candid photo with a police officer to try and trick people. Shame on him.

On June 7, I'll be voting for Geoff Auslen—the candidate really endorsed by first responders.

Ray M. Buban



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