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Misogyny needs to change



I agree with your article “Reality check” (Oct. 27) 100 percent.

We are a nation of hypocrites! What Trump said about “grabbing women by the pussy” is indeed horrible, but it is “par for the course”—there isn’t a woman I know who hasn’t been sexually harassed (sometimes, fairly often). I myself can recall many incidents in my own life, throughout my 56 years.

And how many times have I been called a “man-hater” (by men and women both, but mostly by men—even by male “friends”), simply for telling the truth about sexism, for calling them on it. This is moral cowardice and misogyny at its worst. 

Many men have denounced Trump for his sexism, but I’ve noticed that oftentimes these men choose to remain in denial, rather than acknowledge their own sexist attitudes/actions and how they, too, have been part of the problem. 

I’m not just talking about “grabbing women” sexually, I’m talking about all myriad ways, large and small, in which women are constantly degraded, mocked, belittled, and devalued. 

Misogyny is so rampant (and often so subtle) that it’s an accepted part of our culture. Most people are blind to it or indifferent, even though it diminishes and even destroys female lives!

The nearly universal, worldwide hatred and contempt for women is a very deep sickness, a cancer, a pathology in which half the world is reviled simply because of our sex.

It’s perverse, disgusting, and it pisses me off! Since childhood, I’ve been outraged about it. 

It stinks, it’s evil, and it’s got to stop. 

-- C.M. - Arroyo Grande

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