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Missed you, Shredder

San Luis Obispo



I missed seeing the Shredder at our sixth annual “9-11 American Thunder” barbecue to support and honor our troops (read The Shredder, “Make me a pundit,” Sept. 10). Since he wasn't there, I was expecting at least a donation to help the families that were left here. But, perhaps the Shredder will go will his mega bucks on the porn that he indicated would be suitable for soldiers to peek at while they are being fired upon. Since we did not get any cash either, I was hoping for at least some items to help the troops cope with the 120-degree heat now or the minus-15-degree freeze in the Afghan mountains in a couple of months. In spite of the omissions, the “9-11 American Thunder” nonprofit organization I formed was able to donate $2,200 from the barbecue to local military parents who will be shipping the hundreds of items donated to the troops all over the world.

The County band warmed my immigrant blood. Tim Cleath’s national anthem in fact inspired us. Vandenberg Air Force Base sent five sharp airmen with US colors and their POW table quieted everyone. Several military people spoke from their hearts. Brig. Gen. Lyle Adrianse, in his uniform that still fits him at age 89, flew 103 combat missions over Europe.

Bob Pugh and Tom Wiggin perfected the tri-tip. Milo Ferini of Bonita Farms brought salad, San Luis Sourdough baked bread, Steve Burke trailered tables and chairs, Pat McGinty worked, and lots of unknown soldiers marshaled in the background. My true thanks to them.
Next year, I will buy the Shredder’s $10 meal ticket for the “sort of charity drive for the troops” he never imagined could be a wholesome event about American family support.

Editor's Note: Regarding whether soldiers should receive porn magazines, the Shredder wonders which is more depraved: shooting people or contemplating beautiful men and women. And for the record, the Shredder (who may be female for all you know) wants all troops everywhere to survive unscathed. The barbecue was a nice gesture.

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