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Mitchella Winery's 2011 'Shameless' GSM and Folkway Winery's 'Deviator'


Mitchella Winery’s 2011 “Shameless” GSM

Would you like some cheese with that whine? To that age-old question, I will forever proclaim, “Bring it on, baby!” If you give me cheese and you give me wine, chances are, I will have absolutely nothing to complain about for the next 20 minutes. Mitchella Vineyard & Winery rendered me absolutely speechless as I munched on their impeccable cheese plate, expertly sourced from the fine folks at Le Vigne Winery. Tucked away on Paso’s Eastside along the HeurHuero Creek, the tiny boutique winery could be easy to miss. Do yourself a favor and stop by next time you’re meandering down Highway 46 East in search of epicurean adventure. I am not the first to fall shamelessly in love with their 2011 GSM, “Shameless,” and I just couldn’t imagine going home with any other bottle on my most recent visit.


I have always a sucker for a good GSM because, like my favorite things, it’s not a one-trick pony kind of experience. I love the way Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre intermingle, always revealing a different spark of flavor with each passing sip. Try this fruit-forward Rhone blend bursting with cherries and earthiness alongside a nibble of Euphoria cheese, a decadent goat cheese imported from Holland. The whole cheese and wine pairing experience (several wines paired with four cheeses) is world class, but the price tag is totally down-home. This is why Paso Robles will always have my heart, and I’ll soon have any entire closet dedicated to the region’s legendary GSMs.

Cost is $10 for cheese and wine pairing; fee waved with bottle purchase. $28 per bottle. 525 Mitchell Ranch Way, Paso Robles.


Folkway Winery’s “Deviator”

It’s been damn hot lately, and we all require something cold, crisp, and alcoholic. Pour me a mimosa or a crisp glass of Viognier and I’ll just hang out in this kiddie pool for a while, happy as an adult in water wings can be. This spike in temperature has led me to ditch my regular red obsessions to dabble in the bright, light, and illustrious world of white. My recent favorite is also a local gem: Arroyo Grande-based Folkway Winery is responsible for the summer-approved “Deviator,” currently exclusive to SLO-based Kreuzberg CA’s new lounge and Sidecar. It’s really everything I personally enjoy in a white: Refreshing, delicate, and oh so floral on the nose it should really be a perfume. Made by Cal Poly alumnus Anthony and Lino Bozanno, the wine is comprised of 90 percent Semillon (a Bordeaux varietal beloved for its sweet, golden skin and oily texture) and spiked with 10 percent Sauvignon Blanc, which adds aromatic notes of honeysuckle and apricot. Go forth, and refresh yourselves!

Cost is $9 a glass at Kreuzberg Lounge; About $27 per bottle.


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