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Mob rule is taking over


This country has degraded into a form of mob rule that is taking over our county. From the Mike Cummins and Greg Clayton-endorsed protests that led to death threats against county employees and their families to the ridiculous adult-led student walkouts endorsed by school superintendents from Lucia Mar to Templeton ... things have gotten stupid. Cummins and his followers don't care what the facts are and continue to slander District Attorney Dan Dow. The students are being manipulated by adults who are using them to push a socialist, anti-gun agenda that is full of hyperbole and hysteria and completely devoid of any factual basis. The Progressive movement has their people in place with Cummins and Clayton, and liberal anti-gun administrators are in charge of education in the county. I sure hope the voters realize what is happening and vote against socialism and for the truth in June and in school board elections in November.

Jody Langford


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