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Money and mayhem

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My, what a beautiful, pristine 3-mile stretch of beach the public has been able to enjoy in Oceano, just south of Pier Avenue, since the COVID-19 restrictions were implemented. No rutted sand at the water's edge, no vehicle noise or fuel emissions, no particulate matter being flung into the air, and partial natural restoration of the area dunes has occurred.

But wait! That faint sound emanating from the east and northeast is the revving from weapons of mass destruction as the off-road crowd is gearing up for the onslaught. There are subtle signs that State Parks is preparing to open the area up again. The bulges at Kern and Fresno county lines are palpable as the congregation is in a four-wheel stance ready to wreak havoc on another county's property! Not their own county! When State Parks unleashes the tigers, they will once again bring with them noise and air pollution, trash, utter destruction of the beach and dunes, and, of course, death.

The California Coastal Commission is the only hope for a delay of the devastation. Our SLO County supervisorial three blind mice turn deaf ears to this subject. Leader Lynn ("I never promised you a rose garden") Compton, Jumpin' John Flash ("buy our gas, gas, gas") Peschong and Dutiful Debbie ("I will follow them") Arnold pander to State Parks' incessant needs to gain as much revenue out of the maddening crowd that descends upon the area, as State Parks basically turns its back on the locals. During this COVID-19 period, it has been proven that the local economy still thrives, as tourists still spend gobs of money in our coastal area. Why devastate the beach, dunes, and our air quality for the sake of more money?

I am not an environmentalist nor a liberal person. I actually consider myself a moderate conservative who lists to the right. I am, however, simply a human being who sees an abhorrent event taking place in a natural environment that is so unnecessary. It defies logic.

Unfortunately State Parks will win out in the end as money and mayhem will once again lead to our doomed dunes. So sad.

Michael Elliott

Arroyo Grande


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