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Monning is for students

San Luis Obispo



As a student, SLO County resident, and the president of the Cal Poly Democrats, I believe it important our community understand that students support State Senate Candidate Bill Monning. Assemblyman Monning is a strong supporter of Proposition 30, the most tangible issue on the ballot for students this year.

Last month, he visited Cal Poly’s campus, gave a lecture to a government class, and discussed with students how he is fighting for their interests in Sacramento. I was very impressed when I met him at Cal Poly. He is not only a champion for students now, but has fought for environmental protection and the world my generation will inherit. This is the type of policymaker we need.

And as a young woman, protection of women’s health rights is of utmost importance for me in this election. Monning has championed a progressive and appropriate agenda to protect and advance women’s reproductive and professional legislature. Though Assemblyman Monning is new to this area, I am very excited to potentially gain his representation in the State Senate! He is personable and attentive, progressive and intelligent, committed and passionate. Plus, he likes Bob Dylan and Lois Capps.

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