More property returned to former Doobie Dozen



Two more people who were arrested as part of a large medical marijuana sting now have permission to retrieve their property that’s been sitting in evidence since late 2010.

On April 23, Amy and Chris Austin were granted a motion to have their property returned; it had been locked up following an inter-agency sting—Operation Green Sweep, led by the now-defunct Narcotics Task Force—that netted 12 arrests of people associated with medical marijuana delivery services. Since those arrests, the charges against all 12 defendants—the so-called Doobie Dozen—have been dismissed.

According to court records, the Austins’ motions to have their property returned carried through with no objection from county prosecutors. The unsealed motion in Chris Austin’s case claims he’s owed a multitude of seized items, including old iPhones; doctors recommendations; bottles; jars; and, of course, marijuana.

Their cases were dismissed in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court alongside four other defendants on Nov. 25, 2014.

Another former defendant, Steven Gordon, was also granted a motion (SLO County Counsel at first put up some resistance, but later capitulated) and reunited with his belongings in January of this year.

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