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More resources for elders


Thank you for the story titled "Helping Hand," which highlights the importance of social connection to healthy aging (Jan. 10). SLO Village, a nonprofit membership organization, is another local resource for elders seeking support and community on the Central Coast.

SLO Village is a virtual community for people 60-plus years old who want to create a better experience of aging. Members live in their own homes and benefit from volunteers who provide practical services to support independence (rides to the doctor, minor home repairs, walking companions). Members and volunteers come together as peers to create a purposeful and powerful space for living and learning as they take on the future.

SLO Village is part of a grassroots national movement that creates connections with and between people age 60 and above. SLO Village was recognized by the San Luis Obispo Area Agency on Aging as the Senior Citizen Program of the Year in 2018, and collaborated with Dignity Health to present a community event last fall titled "Revolutionize Aging."

To learn more, please visit our website at slovillage.org.

Tauria Linala

on behalf of the SLO Village board of directors

San Luis Obispo

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