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More than Mother Nature is to blame

Paso Robles



Let me see if I correctly understand the comment about water shortages by Jim App, Paso Robles’ very overpaid city manager. He said that it is not a matter of asking residents to cut back on water usage but it is a matter of actually not having the water.

Hmmm, let me see ... what city continues to this day to approve growth in both residential (huge subdivisions even now being approved) and water-consuming businesses (huge hotels)? What city along with other North County cities has remained silent, without complaining to the county about the hundreds of water-sucking vineyards and tasting rooms and golf courses that are sprouting up everywhere outside the city limits? (Ask residents how many of them have had to dig new wells or have had the water level of their wells drop faster than forecasted). What city would rather approve all of this growth in order to get the tax dollars than to disapprove projects to conserve water? Yep, you guessed right: Paso Robles. So, besides what Mother Nature has inflicted on us, maybe Paso Robles should be looking in the mirror for contributing to this lack of water.

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