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More upgrades for cats!



I was so happy to hear that Woods Humane Society will be remodeling, making it easier for them to do more for homeless cats in our area (“A ‘catio’ of one’s own,” July 14). They do so much for homeless animals and deserve all the support they receive. My thoughts, though, are with the cats at Animal Regulation, right next door. They are in cages 24/7 and never see the light of day. The building is decades old, drafty, and in severe need of upgrades.

I’m hoping something can happen for this facility sometime soon. It is no longer just a place where unwanted or stray animals are taken to be euthanized. Animal Regulation does so much for them while the animals reside there, awaiting their forever homes. I hope someday soon to hear that they will get their day for upgrades and renovations!

-- Heidi McElroy - Los Osos

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