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More urban sprawl in Paso Robles



On June 21, the Paso Robles City Council voted 4-0 to add another 271 homes to the city on what was originally zoned agricultural land. Since the whole area, as well as all of California, is already seriously overshooting its bio-capacity, the additional homes will have a negative effect on the quality of life for those of us already living here. There are more such plans in the pipeline for Paso Robles.

It is hard to believe that the majority of the local population actually supports these moves. However, as long as pro-overdevelopment politicians continue to dominate local and state governing bodies, more urban sprawl will continue. What remains of the small town charm of Paso Robles will be replaced by an unsustainable metropolis.

-- Gerald Manata - Paso Robles

-- Gerald Manata - Paso Robles

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