Morro Bay City Council gets new members



With the preliminary results of vote-by-mail ballots, Morro Bay City Council candidates Jeff Heller and Dawn Addis are the frontrunners for the two open council seats.

Addis, a teacher and co-founder of the Women's March SLO, said the best advice that she found when starting her campaign was to focus on being authentic.

"I decided to run as who I am, which is somebody who cares about our future, someone who is willing to speak up and work toward what we want, and somebody who is going to bring a broader vision into politics," Addis said.

For her, activism with the Women's March has been about building a more positive and just future. It's a sentiment that she'll hold on to, she said, when collaborating on the City Council.

"When you bring that to policy, it brings a human perspective to the policy that you're drafting. So I plan to bring all of who I am to making forward-thinking decisions for our community," she said.

John Headding was holding a narrow lead for Morro Bay mayor with 51 percent against John Weiss, who's in a close second with 48 percent, as of Nov. 7.

In Cambria, newcomers Cindy Steidel and Donn Howell are in the lead for the two open Community Services District director seats. Incumbents Chuck Cesena and Matthew Pourchy are holding on to the two open seats for the Los Osos Community Services District. Δ

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