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Morro Bay High tennis courts aren't always open



In the May 4 New Times article “High school tennis courts are racket-ready,” Karen Garcia spoke about the newly renovated tennis courts at Morro Bay High School. District Assistant Superintendent Ryan Pinkerton mentioned that “the new look helps provide our students and community with a certain amount of pride in their facilities.”

Having voted for Measure D and as a member of the Morro Bay community, I anticipated these courts being available for use. In fact, there is a sign posted that says the courts are available for public use after 4 p.m. until dusk. So I was extremely surprised and disappointed when I arrived with my family to play during spring break and found these courts locked. I also noted that the windscreens, which were there before the renovation, had completely disappeared. The assistant tennis coach at the high school that told me that the screens were thrown away, even though they were in perfect working order. The replacement cost, he said, would be about $3,000, and that money was not available … what a waste! The windscreens are really necessary for these courts.

I understand that there are security issues and that the high school wants to keep these courts in good order. The addition of security cameras might address these issues, allowing for the courts to remain open on weekends and during school holidays. I’m aware of other California school districts with excellent tennis facilities that are always open to the public after school.

-- Maurice Gendron - Morro Bay

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