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Morro Bay High's new pool design stinks



Well, I just read that I will be showering outside in the cold after taking my early morning swim at the new “state of the art” aquatics center at Morro Bay High School. Sure am glad I voted for that one. I have been driving from Cayucos to SLO to swim for more than 25 years. This pool is like a dream come true for many local seniors involved in aquatics as well as lap swimmers and the handicapped. I should have bet that if you left the final decisions about the pool to the deified school teachers and coaches, they would somehow engineer things so the people paying for the pool would have very limited access. And not having a place to shower inside is almost brainless. 

The fact is, all the adults that use the new facility must shower outside. That should be great fun and very private. The school administrators that refined the design are right on one point: If you have to shower outside in the wind and rain, freezing your tail off in 35- to 45-degree weather after getting out of an 80-degree pool, folks would in fact use less water. No doubt about it.

I guess readjusting the design so adults who want to use what was billed as a “community” pool and take a shower indoors is falling on deaf ears. It is out of the design and out of the question. It is clear that expecting a hot shower out of the elements (like every other modern pool on the planet), is just asking too much. Next thing you know they will raise the price of admission, too. Yep, you and your children will pay for it, and then have to pay again for the privilege to use it and then shower outdoors.

-- Dave Stevens - Cayucos

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