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Morro Bay is realizing a vision

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Picturing Morro Bay’s future just got a little clearer. The foundation for municipal permanence is closer to reality. I support President Donald Trump’s desire to improve our nation’s infrastructure, and I support the city’s plan to strengthen our local infrastructure. Indeed, federal aid will be used here in our town to bring clean water and jobs.

The payoff is powerful. We will experience the water security upon which we can improve our precious coastal gem. Can you picture more of us getting on board with our own contributions, using rainwater harvesting and permeable paving, for example? What about enhancing our designation as Tree City USA and planting more trees? Look what our residents and our vibrant volunteers have accomplished already. Public spaces are being beautified. We have changed our ways in regard to our own homes. You are not likely to see a person in Morro Bay hosing off their driveway. And look at all the beautiful home gardens here with little or no thirsty lawns or shrubs. Talk about civic pride! Everyone I know—all my acquaintances, tourists, out-of-town visitors—we all want to live in Morro Bay. I feel fortunate beyond belief.

We will no longer have to think about the dire portrait of fresh-water-deprived terrain. We will be able point out the Water Reclamation Facility on Highway 1 as proof of our community integrity. It will stoke our feeling of stewardship for the place we are so lucky to live in. And to picture that is going to be a vision realized.

Carol Swain

Morro Bay


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