Morro Bay paves the way for electric charging stations



On Nov. 10, the Morro Bay City Council passed an ordinance to provide a streamlined permitting process for electric vehicle charging systems.

In 2015, then California Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1236 requiring jurisdictions with fewer than 200,000 people to establish procedures for expedited processes for permitting electric charging stations before Sept. 20, 2017.

Morro Bay is a few years behind, Community Development Director Scot Graham said, because building division staffing was in transition duing 2017 and lacked the capacity to bring forward an ordinance.

According to a city staff report, the city hasn't received any larger commercial EV charging project applications since the bill was passed. Within the new ordinance, the city will implement an expedited permit and review process including electronic submittal and electronic signature for application authorization.

City Councilmembers Dawn Addis and Jeff Heller thanked Graham and his staff for their efforts, stating that it was a move in the right direction. Δ

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