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Morro Bay should enable children's library

Morro Bay



The Morro Bay Friends of the Library built the library building 25 years ago with donations from the community. Back then, half of the building provided enough space for library services, but our community has outgrown that space. Ten years ago, the county approached the City of Morro Bay to dedicate the other half of the building for use as a children’s library: The city refused the request.

 Now the county is once more negotiating with the City of Morro Bay to secure the rest of the building for a children’s library, however the city is again refusing to acknowledge and satisfy the library needs of the community. The City of Morro Bay did not raise the money to build our library, the Morro Bay Friends of the Library and the community did. The Friends evidently made a mistake entrusting the city to look out for the library needs of citizens, when the Friends donated the library building.

I urge Morro Bay residents to ask the mayor and council members why they’ve reneged on their obligation to the community by not allowing the library to grow in the space for which it was designed.

-- Ric Deschler - Morro Bay

-- Ric Deschler - Morro Bay

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