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Morro Bay should stay on course



Morro Bay’s candidate forum was a real eye opener. It’s taken years of work with countless public meetings, citizen advisory committee meetings, City Council meetings, and $2 million of work finding a location for our new wastewater treatment plant. Now, two mayoral candidates, Tina Metzger and Betty Winhotz, want to throw that work out and start from scratch. They each have a better, cheaper way to do it. Really!?

It has finally been located in an area away from all neighborhoods, and they want to start over again. They offer nothing concrete for this miraculous fresh start except worn out generalizations.

Morro Bay voters, don’t be fooled by either of these two candidates. Vote for Jamie Irons for mayor and keep our wastewater treatment plant moving forward. Don’t let them bankrupt our city.

-- Ric Deschler - Morro Bay

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