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Morro Bay's reclamation pipe dream

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The Morro Bay City Council has been selling (and I mean selling) Morro Bay citizens on the idea that the outrageously expensive sewage treatment plant 3 miles out of town is going to be a state-of-the-art water reclamation plant. The only problem is there is no hard evidence that the city will ever be able to reclaim any of that sewage water that is poured into the ground after treatment.

Groundwater studies have found nitrate levels too high for human consumption. I asked the project group at their last presentation at the Morro Bay Library about this, and their answer was something to the effect of: We don't know but we'll be running tests once the plant is built; we hope the nitrates will be diluted.

In other words, they are going to practically bankrupt the city of Morro Bay for a supposed reclamation project whereby the water may never be reclaimed. According to documents given to U.S. Congress members, this may cost Morro Bay citizens an additional $241 per month. That comes to nearly $3,000 per year for every Morro Bay household. Serious money for a pipe dream.

Case Adams

Morro Bay


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