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Move forward

San Luis Obispo



Last week I was sitting in my apartment on a Sunday afternoon when I heard a knock on the door. When I answered, two young men were standing there asking me if I wanted to help their campaign to pass Propostion 8. I was appalled. How could those young men, the country’s future, want to deny people the freedom to marry? How could they go out of their way on a Sunday afternoon to try and persuade people to deny the rights of our California citizens?

Then, last night, when I came home from a nice dinner, I pulled in behind a car parked in front of my house. There on the bumper was a “Vote yes on 8” sticker, depicting a family celebrating. Again, I was appalled.

Denying marriage rights for gays and lesbians would be taking a huge step backwards. There is a need for more support against Proposition 8 in this area. I haven’t seen any signs, bumper stickers, or any other such campaign material. I invite everyone to join me in this battle for human rights. We need to look to the future, not cling to the past.

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