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Mr. Garrett, not the wiring, is the problem


With regard to New Times' sympathetic article ("Developer sues Paso resident for libel," May 12-19) covering Doug Garrett's "warning" to Montebello homeowners, New Times readers should be aware that Fallingstar Homes has never had a complaint concerning its electrical installations, except from Mr. Garrett. For decades light switches in homes all over America have not been grounded, and for good reason.

There is no real possibility of danger to persons from ungrounded light switches. Only after Montebello Estates was under construction were uniform codes amended to require grounding, and then only due to the possibility of aftermarket changes to switches by homeowners, including installation of metal faceplates. Montebello homes were all inspected and passed by the city without grounded switches.

As for Mr. Garrett, his "warning" letter to neighbors tellingly coincided with his never-ending lists of smaller-than-picky correction items for his wife's home, for which he has demanded immediate action in an impolite and vociferous fashion. With extensive consumer protection for new construction, is it fair for a buyer to aim "warnings" at the ongoing sales of homes at Montebello? With Mr. Garrett's insurance company motions to defend his actions, the question is, who is the wrongful actor here?


Frank Arciero

Fallingstar Homes

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