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Mudslinging and deception


Jimmy Paulding is either unaware of the issues in our county or he is purposely deceiving the public for his own political gain.

Paulding claims his opponent is in the pocket of the special interest. But Supervisor Lynn Compton went against special interests that want to control North County water rights, while Paulding has promised to vote with Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson in giving away our water rights to big land owners.

Paulding claims his opponent has done nothing for parks in her district because there are no new parks in the past three years. But Supervisor Compton fought for developer impact fees raised in South County to be spent on parks in South County leading to approval of money for a skate park in Nipomo.

Paulding claims that his opponent is the reason the Board of Supervisors is contentious. But Paulding's supporter, Supervisor Hill, has admitted his issues with depression and anxiety are the reason for his boorish behavior on the board.

Paulding claims that he is more qualified than anyone on the board of supervisors. But he is a 32-year-old, fresh out of law school.

While Paulding is busy throwing mud, Supervisor Compton is working for our community.

S.C. Tannler

Morro Bay

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