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My Cousin Rachel



What's it rated? PG-13

What's it worth? Matinee

Where's it showing? The Palm


My Cousin Rachel is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you guessing throughout the movie and then continue to keep you guessing after the credits roll.

Based on the 1951 novel by Daphne Du Maurier, the story follows Philip Ashley (Sam Claflin), who was raised by his cousin, Ambrose (also Sam Claflin), after being orphaned as a child. Philip loves Ambrose like a father, and is naturally very concerned when Ambrose becomes ill and sends Philip a letter in which suggests that his new wife, Rachel (Rachel Weisz), is the reason for his illness. Philip goes to Ambrose's estate with the intention of confronting Rachel, but ends up infatuated with her instead.

The trailer for this movie is a bit deceiving. I went into it expecting a horror, but it's really a mystery. Not only is there conflicting evidence as to whether or not Rachel is responsible for what happened to Ambrose, but as a viewer, your opinion on her guilt or innocence will likely change multiple times, as some scenes will make you very suspicious of her, and other scenes will make you pity her, or possibly even like her. Weisz does an incredible job of portraying such a complex, confusing character, and you'll never stop questioning her motives or being eager to see what she does next.

Unlike most mystery movies, however, My Cousin Rachel does not come with that climactic, "it was Old Man Jenkins all along!" moment where all tensions are resolved and all questions are answered. It's difficult for me to fault this aspect of the movie since it was so obviously intentional, but as a person who likes closure, I found it incredibly frustrating. For some viewers, this may only add to the film's intrigue, but for others, I have to warn you that you may leave the theater unsatisfied.

Though I personally was put off by the lack of answers, I still say that My Cousin Rachel is an amazingly well done movie that is worth seeing. The story is compelling, the settings are beautiful, and the cast is practically flawless. Avoid it if you can't handle a semi-ambiguous resolution, but if you can accept that, enjoy the ride and good luck getting yourself to stop asking "Did she, or didn't she?" afterward. (106 min.)

Katrina Borges

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