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My first conservative take


I never thought I'd have such a conservative opinion, but here I am, just about to turn 50, and now I have one.

There have been recent headlines in our local gazettes regarding unemployment fraud that only focus on fraudulent withdrawals and overlooks fraudulent applications.

Every time I see an Uber driver or food delivery person, I can't help but think of the millions of people drawing unemployment who own cars or bicycles. Each one of these beneficiaries have no excuse to not gross $200 a day making deliveries in their cars.

I personally do so and hold a four-year degree, an advanced certification in the legal profession, and am a military veteran who works hard to reject any vestigial sense of white privilege. There was a time when being "on the dole" was a source of shame instead of a type of "hustle." I can only surmise that this situation is one of many reasons why our country is in shambles. Lastly, fraudulently applying for unemployment is a criminal offense.

Shanti Harris

San Luis Obispo

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