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Baywood Park



Since the recall, the Los Osos Community Services District promises of a “better, faster, cheaper” sewer from the new board evaporated. Lawsuits were filed by contractors and lenders. Bankruptcy ensued. Through it all, this board has remained consistently shortsighted and irresponsible.

Now, at last, two of those board members are not running for re-election and we have an opportunity to restore some rationality to the CSD. One of the candidates, however, appears to be running a very misleading campaign. Karen Venditti claims in her campaign materials to “keep an open mind” and “honor a diversity of viewpoints.”

Sounds wonderful, but community members supporting her campaign seem to be the most vociferous, mean-spirited proponents of the STEP/Steg septic tank system. Her supporters are those fanatics who go to every Board of Supervisors meeting, every TAC meeting, and every other public meeting and loudly proclaim that STEP/Steg is the only system that is acceptable, that the county process is biased, and that the sewer project should be returned to the LOCSD.

I prefer to vote for two candidates who I know will support the county sewer process and protect my 218 sewer assessment vote. I want candidates who will bring fiscal responsibility back to the CSD and restore civility to meetings so everyone will feel welcome. Those two are Maria Kelly and Marshall Ochylski.

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