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Neighbors are no longer courteous



What has happened to good old-fashioned courtesy to a neighbor? I understand completely why the neighbors are offended by having to look at that boat all of the time.

Although I live in the country, the renters across the road from me insist on leaving one to four outside lights on all day and night. Although their property has an electric wrought-iron gate and high deer fencing to keep them safe and protected from everything and everyone, I fail to see the need to always have those lights on. Besides that, there are normally three cars parked in front of the large garage. The owners of the house and these renters have never used the garage. Isn’t that the reason a garage is built?

As my house faces the house across the road on East Ormonde Road, I can no longer enjoy the night sky due to the light pollution from that residence. And, during the day, the sun shining on those cars creates a continual blasting glare from all of those cars; as the sun moves, it changes to another vehicle throughout the day. And, of course, the outside lights are still glowing but my eyes can’t help but notice the piercing glare from the glass, metal trim, and the rest of those cars parked up there. While working or relaxing on my property and wanting to enjoy the view of my property, I cannot due to the inconsideration of those neighbors.

I wrote them a nice card telling them that those items really bothered me and that it would be nice if they would at least turn off the outside lights when the last driver has arrived home. They simply turned on more lights and they remain on day and night, all of the time. I notice the outside lights on the side of their house with the ocean view are never turned on—perhaps they don’t want the lights to interfere with their tranquility and view!

I worked hard to pay for my property and would like to spend the rest of my years enjoying it without continual interference from uncaring neighbors. What has happened to that good old-fashioned courtesy from a neighbor? It’s gone!

-- Christine Harvey - Arroyo Grande

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