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Neutrinos: friend or foe?


The last thing we should invest our research dollars into is the Diablo Canyon neutrino experiment. Some claims are being made about neutrinos being particles and having the ability to change from one type to another. Paradoxically, Supernova 1987A revealed neutrinos have no mass and thus to be radiation — not particles. Mathematical errors are at the root of the mess that is the current state of physics. Einstein failed to find and correct crucial mathematical errors of logic introduced into classical physics by Maxwell around 1860. Instead he compounded Maxwell’s errors with those of his own.

Because this flawed foundation is still widely accepted, many scientists now claim we live in a four-dimensional (warped space-time) universe that somehow popped into existence 15 billion years ago and is composed of particles that have no physical size. The Big Bang theory is refuted by published, astronomical observations — and the point-particle assumption found in relativity and quantum physics by the Nobel Prize winning electron scattering experiments of Dr. Robert Hofstadter.

Corrected classical physics is supported by accurate mathematics and has the advantage of describing and predicting the real world with causal and physical explanations. If the professors and students at Cal Poly would like to do some potential Nobel Prize-winning research or advance our understanding of physical reality, then neutrinos are not the answer, the new physics is. Important physics research for thousands, not millions — this means there is nothing stopping Cal Poly from having a prestigious role in helping to get physics back on track.


Robert Stratton

Paso Robles

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