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Never again

San Luis Obispo



The Depression in Holland began in 1935 and slowly everything was taken away from the people. Then Adolf Hitler came in 1940 and promised the farmers a good life, but instead, he walked into Holland and became the dictator.

He murdered newborns from Jewish families, including babies with birth defects and people who were severely disabled. He wanted a healthy, strong folk. His voice was loud, and “Heil, Hitler” could be heard all over the land.

In the end, we lost because people did not listen to the warnings. Instead, they voted for their own party and not their person, but they still believed him.

And now I see it happening again. Barack Obama is already in charge. He loves to be the dictator and people once again will fall for it. Yes, John McCain is older, but he will work both for and with the people, not play God. If you want a change, then read about the history of Holland in 1935, and please pray a lot to make sure that it never happens again. We have been there!

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