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New feminism is news



Thank you for publishing the inspiring article “New Feminism” by Rebecca Rose (June 9) showcasing the twists and turns of one woman’s tangled struggle to control how people comment on her hairstyle choices before, during, and after the quick cut. It certainly is a new feminism when women hope their partner’s go-to comment on aspects of their appearance is, “Why would I care about that?”

Off the top of my head here are a couple of suggestions for future New Feminism topics: “Why I show so much of me anywhere, anytime.” “Why do men look at me?” “Why don’t men stop looking at me?” “I’m bi- … why can’t everyone see that?” “I hate seeing people wonder about my sexual orientation.” “Why you should never discuss your hairstyle with your mother.” And the classic “Cosmopolitan ... it’s not about sex; it’s about good writing.”

Hey, at least I read it!

-- Todd Katz - San Luis Obispo

-- Todd Katz - San Luis Obipso

-- Todd Katz - San Luis Obipso

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