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New library cards feature digital art by local photographer



The Paso Robles City Library recently released a newly designed library card that features photorealistic artwork by digital artist and photographer Bruce Cook. To create the piece, Cook blended a photo of his niece's daughter reading a book with a photo of a zebra from his archives. The scene whimsically depicts the two subjects as if they're side by side outside the library.

Without strictly defining the piece, Cook stated in a press release that it's possible the zebra is part of the girl's imagination, stirred by the words in the book she's reading.

"The scene recalls my own joy of being absorbed by books and the imagery they inspire," Cook said in the release.

To find out more about the new library card, call (805) 237-3870 or visit The Paso Robles City Library is located at 1000 Spring St., Paso Robles. Δ

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