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New Times hit another low




What were you thinking? Or were you even thinking? Was it a slow news week? Roman Navarro? (“The Camp Snoopy Files,” Feb. 9) A criminal incarcerated for one year and facing the following charges:

• burglary first degree

• felony assault with a deadly weapon

• felony attempt to prevent/dissuade a witness/victim

• felony vandalism

And offering him a public format such as New Times to make light of and glamorize daily life in jail?

Why not give this public forum to someone who has productive ideas to share in a positive way about SLO County?

New Times, you reached another low. This piece offended me the same way as when you published the recipe for making meth.

Ed. note: Roman Navarro is currently serving time in jail because of a probation violation. He has not been convicted of any of the above charges, and has pleaded not guilty to each.

-- Marian A. Willingham - San Luis Obispo

-- Marian A. Willingham - San Luis Obispo

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