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New Times is on the wrong side of history


Al Fonzi didn't mention the blacks in his piece last week ("They just can't say it," April 25), but he should have. We all know the blacks are sneaky and thieving. Do you see all the troubles we're having with the blacks? No, because the liberal media won't report it!

What about the Jews? The Jews control everything, all the banks and businesses! It's impossible for a white man to even get by with these vermin running around stealing every nickle!

What? You won't publish this letter? Certainly wouldn't make it a column?

Why not? What is the difference between Fonzi's distortions and lies regarding Muslims and the standard dish from the KKK regarding African-Americans or Jews? There is none. It has simply been made acceptable, by degrees, to allow this bigotry into the mainstream, by people like Fonzi, and by publications like New Times, which gives him a platform.

In 50 years we'll look back at these current issues of New Times with disgust and revulsion, the same way we look back now upon Southern papers that soft-sold stories of lynchings, alongside columns that justified keeping the "animal" Negroes in their place.

Why does it always take 50 years? Why can't we see what is happening now, and not allow it to happen now?

Sean R. Shealy

San Luis Obispo

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