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New Times needs varied opinions in the opinion section


Bravo to Andrew Christie for writing his excellent piece ("Of folly and Fonzi," July 6) detailing the many studies that show the undeniable effects of climate change on ice melt, rising sea levels, temperature change, extreme weather events and the other negative impacts; many more could have been cited but this was a thorough refutation of Al Fonzi's allegations about false claims.

I have always enjoyed the opinion pieces in the New Times and am privileged to have written several myself, one on climate change about seven years ago. However, it now seems as if Al Fonzi has been given a biweekly column, and if that's the case, it will shrink the pool of varied opinions that get published. I'd like the editor of New Times to let readers know whether they are following the Tribune in alternating a liberal and a conservative columnist each week with the conservative one being Al Fonzi, or if they plan to return to the format of having different writers with varying perspectives each week. I am in favor of the latter.

Judith Bernstein

Arroyo Grande

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