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Next stop: Sewersville


I have an idea about how to solve the Los Osos sewer problem. Let's rename Los Osos ... Sewersville.

I believe that with that name we might begin to truly think about what we want our legacy to be. The town with a Sewer by the Bay in the center of town or the town with a rational design outside of town. One has morphed into an expensive failure, the other costs less than half and will meet all of our original goals and regulations.

How about it, Los Ososans; will our lovely Sewersville be known for a badly planned mega sewer that bankrupts us or will we be famous for our bold, innovative project?

Chamber of Commerce, Realtors, developers ... how would you prefer to market "Sewersville"?

Now's our final chance to flush with pride.


Linde Owen

Los Osos

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