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NIMBYs and the Nipomo dunes


Since the 1990s, some of the bigger developments on the Mesa have imported a bunch of well-to-do NIMBYs who are out to eliminate the recreational activities on the Nipomo Dunes. Those activities have been long enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, well before these newcomers moved to an area known for its dunes. Despite the fact that this form of recreation supports the South County's economy in a big way, the NIMBYs could care less about our local economy.

As soon as they arrived here, the Nipomo NIMBYs have been out to change the way we locals live. Foaming with righteous indignation, they've been whining about the state's efforts to address air quality issues in the Nipomo Dunes. Yep, they're out to stop the drifting sands from blowing. Why don't they join Don Quixote and start tilting at windmills?

The state of California is doing the best it can to preserve this recreational resource while addressing the concerns of the newcomers. While the newcomers still won't hear it, give the state a chance to make it work.

Lisa R.


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