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NIMBYs, come to your senses


Verily! Compassion obviously drips from Kitty Crockett's heart! ("Pass the bug spray, please," Letters, March 24-31.) Considering it's the season of Easter, when we are reminded of Jesus' admonitions to care for the poor and downtrodden, her efforts to rid Atascadero of the "roaches," as she labels the homeless, are not exactly Christ-like. If I may speculate a bit - hell, CNN does it all the time, why not me - I visualize Kitty, chair of the Atascadero chapter of NIMBY, ranting and raving about saving our town from the roaches who are descending upon us. Driving around town in her Hummer, covered with Bush/Cheney, American Flag, Support Our Troops, and Creation Not Evolution stickers - scarcely leaving enough window space to see - screaming at the top of her voice, "The roaches are coming, the roaches are coming, get out the Raid!"

I wonder if she realizes that many of the homeless are veterans who have been screwed over by our government, just as the Bush Bunch is doing now with soldiers and their families. Probably not. NIMBYs seldom think much. I suspect the markets will have a run on roach motels now.


Richard Kinz


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