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Nix pork

Paso Robles



Let me get this straight. After eight years of huge tax cuts, ballooning deficits, and an economy in meltdown, the Republicans in Congress are still pushing the idea of tax cuts to solve our economic problems. Seems like the height of hypocrisy to me.

Some tax cuts are appropriate, and tax increases are called for the top one percent of earners. If the Republicans want to get some traction and cheers from the public, they should be attacking any earmarks going into the Senate version of the “Recovery” Act. Of course, this won’t happen because they are throwing their own into the mix.

The Democrats won a huge victory in November and still have the support of the vast majority of the country, but they need to tread a bit carefully. Move forward on the recovery plan but drop the earmarks that were, and are, such a problem. President Obama should ensure that he pulls the leadership together and tells them he wants the act passed quickly but without all the pork that is so normal in Washington. That is change we can believe in.

Meanwhile, if the Republicans want to blame someone for the mess we have right now, they can look in a mirror.

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