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No gondolas, please

San Luis Obispo



Liz Scott-Graham claims “Botanical Garden won’t be Disneyland” (Sept. 17) yet she admits the plans include a gondola, a tram, zip lines, a 2,500-person amphitheater, a 10,000 square foot restaurant, and much more. I’m no expert on botanical gardens, so I queried Google about “Botanical Gardens Gondola” and discovered there is not another botanical garden listed anywhere that has a gondola.


The vision she describes seems to go far beyond a humble educational institution appropriate for our county. She says it would be “a major attraction.”  Most people who live here like it exactly because there are no man-made attractions. There already are plenty of natural attractions:  Montana De Oro, the Seven Sisters, etc.


If we want theme-park-style entertainment, we’ll go elsewhere. 


She should take her plans for a “must-see destination for one million” people some place where there are a million people who would appreciate them: Perhaps there’s a place right next to Disneyland.

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