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Cell tower had nothing to do with aesthetics

The unanimous decision by the Board of Supervisors to deny the building of a cell tower at the corner of South Bay Boulevard and Los Osos Valley Road was an affront to the democratic process and to common sensibilities. Our Board, sworn to represent the interest of all, capitulated to the hysterics of a few to the detriment of the rights of a much larger majority.

We all use cell phones, and without towers there are no cell phones. If you want to believe the hysterical few, be aware that the use of your cell phone is supposedly ultimately more dangerous than the radiation emanating from a cell tower; especially one that only uses 17 percent of what is allowed by FCC standards. What message are you sending to the people in San Luis Obispo that live around the myriad of cell towers there? That they should "put their lives in danger" so that the few in Los Osos can feel good about not having a tower?

To suggest that a 50-foot flagpole in a commercial development with 40-foot-high buildings, the design of which was mandated by the county, in any way or shape is an aesthetic detriment borders on the absurd.

The ploy used by the Board to send it back to the Planning Commission to make themselves look good is pitiful and cowardly. Suffice it to say that my faith in county government has taken a precipitous dip.

Cle Van Beurden

Sr. vice president, Van Beurden
Insurance Services Inc.

Los Osos


Dear Kevin Bacon:

My name is Christopher and after reading the back of the cover of your movie "Footloose," I think you may be able to help me.

I live in a town called San Luis Obispo. San Luis Obispo is a very sad place. I used to work in a live music venue called "The Dwelling," but unfortunately due to poor management and a local politician owning a rival nightclub, The Dwelling was shut down.

San Luis Obispo, as you may know from CNN, is home of the Mardi Gras of the West, and after the riots of 2004, the local police department has put some very strict rules on anything that could be considered fun. Music cannot be heard from within 40 feet of your residence. The city must be silent by 10 p.m. every night ! Local bands are forced into playing acoustic shows at coffee houses, or moving to Los Angeles, Portland, the Bay Area, and other places where fun is allowed. We desperately need to be allowed to play in our own city once again!

Though I never actually have seen "Footloose," the synopses I have read on various web site tell me that you are the man for the job. I can pay you approximately $34 (American) and give you all the Pabst Blue Ribbon you can drink. Also, feel free to sleep on my couch. It's pretty comfy, but you'll want to bring your own bedding.

Please save our town!!

Christopher Andrew

San Luis Obispo


‘Growing up meth': You can help

Thank you, John Peabody, for your article on "Growing up meth" (Sept. 1-8), and thank you, Flora Sanchez, for working so hard in trying to keep children safe.

As a foster/adopt family, we care for children that have been removed from such conditions, and meth/cocaine-exposed infants sometimes straight from the hospitals as well.

We have seen the effects firsthand over the past 13 years what addiction does to beautiful babies and children of all ages.

If you want to find out how you might be able to help, give SLO County-Child Protective Services a call. Developing nurturing relationships is an essential key to living a rewarding and happy life. There are so many children that need to be protected, loved, and nurtured because their birth parents have an addiction. Please think about opening your heart and home to children who may need you for as little as a few weeks, or perhaps forever.

Beverly Johnson

San Luis Obispo


Newspapers are in cahoots with the oil barons!

I read the SLO Tribune and the LA Times daily, also the Bay News and New Times weekly. At the beginning of this year, as gasoline prices continued to rise, I noted that no letters to the editor were being published critical of the oil industry.

At the end of the first quarter, gas prices had risen 25 percent, oil companies' profits were up in the billions, and still no letters were being published. This was as if some higher force had intervened to censor them. How come? You'll have to ask the newspaper owners, publishers, and editors.

I've written eight letters expressing my opinions, which used terms such as "war profiteering," "enact excess profit tax," "consider nationalization," and "patriotism," but these must be forbidden as none of the letters were ever published. I wonder what will happen to this one, the ninth.

John Budlong

Republican Morro Bay


Glen doesn't get out much and the homeless are stealing his gnomes

Glen, the second that I started to read your article ("Welcome, new students!" Student Guide, Sept. 15-22) it made me think, and wonder how the New Times would hire such an ignorant staff member.

There are so many fallacies and stereotypes in that article that make me laugh and at the same time hate you. You truly show how uneducated you are. I agree with you that there are a lot of people in this city who do not take care of their surroundings, but for you to stereotype the whole Cal Poly student body is such an extreme statement. You probably don't get out much either, because there are a lot of homeless that do a lot of vandalism and take your "little gnomes." Maybe you should get out from under that rock that you have been living under your whole life. I usually like reading the New Times but now that I have read your "article" or whatever you may call that group of words that you just put in the latest edition of the New Times I really don't know if I can enjoy reading it knowing that they have hired you to write. They may have been better off putting an ad for another bar or something. Please write back and let me know what you have to say about this or maybe you're too afraid to speak because you now know how ignorant and close-minded you sound!

Patrick Coyne

San Luis Obispo


Chalk ads?

I went to a street art festival yesterday and was disappointed by what I saw. The only art I could find was in the children's section; which is good and I'm thankful for seeing it. The "big show," however, seemed to be an exercise in advertising and the "artists" were mostly attempting to lay down some overblown, trite "art" from another century for us yokels to enjoy. There are artists living in San Luis Obispo County; perhaps if this festival were a little more festive and inclusive they would come and make art on the streets. Mixing art and commerce is always a tricky venture, commerce always thinks it should be on top. If you throw out commerce and just have fun, it will be a great event for San Luis Obispo and that will be great for SLO commerce.

Mark Salwasser

Arroyo Grande


Vote yes on the recall

When government has to scare and deceive its people in order to get their vote, something is very wrong. When Shirley Bianchi interrupts speakers during public comment you know that she does not have a clear conscience. When Channel 20 (paid by your tax dollar) shows only one side of the issue, you are dealing with propaganda and are living in communistic circumstances.

Regulatory agencies and government bodies all over California are watching Los Osos. The outcome of this election will shape how government bodies and regulatory agencies will do their jobs in the future.

There is no emergency to move forward any faster than is necessary to do what is right for Los Osos. As long as we present the Regional Water Quality Control Board with an alternative project that will comply with their requirements and be operational in a relatively short time, there are no reasonable grounds for them to fine Los Osos. The county cannot dissolve the CSD without a vote of the people allowing that to happen. The current CSD 3 are fiscally irresponsible and put out misinformation. The proposed alternative design, a ponding system, has many advantages.

Vote for fiscal responsibility. Vote for freedom of speech. Vote for statesmanship. Vote yes on B, C, D, and E. Vote for Chuck Cesena, John Fouche, and Steve Senet. Do it for democracy. Do it for your children.

Andrea Hartung

Los Osos


At our local market this weekend, I overheard a "dreamer" say, "The election is not about the candidates."

I thought to myself, "You've got to be kidding me."

First of all, if an election is not about the candidates, then what in the hell is it about? How can anybody support a government that would start a $160 million project 30 days before a vote of the people? The reason to vote yes on the recall has nothing to do with the sewer. It has to do with an unresponsive government. If you vote no on recall, you send our government a message that it can do whatever it wants without our consent.

The last time I checked, Los Osos is still in the United States of America. And, in America, we vote first then act. I do not want to live under a totalitarian dictatorship. Do you, Los Osos? Vote for a representative democracy. Vote yes on the recall.

Michael Jones

Los Osos


Vote no on the recall

The sewer project is horribly expensive, but more delays will add more cost. Project opponents and their candidates have publicly sworn to stop the project, "regardless of the added cost." If just one CSD director is recalled, the project will be delayed and cost more later. We need to launch a campaign, asking our senators' support for the $35 million WRDA grant. We need to raise funds for the low-income assistance fund. We need to be a community again.

Los Osos is better than we've been in recent history. We are a community of diverse people who together created soccer leagues, bridge bears, historical murals, the Community Center, the Elfin Forest, and much more. We can be again.

Vote no on measures B, C, D, and E on Sept. 27.

Pandora Nash-Karner

Los Osos


"Honey, I know the architects and the engineers have worked hard on the house plans for years. We have all the permits. The EIR was finished a long time ago. The bank has given us the money. The foundation is poured and the framing is going up. But you know what? I've always liked that vacant lot down the street... "

Move the sewer when the permits are approved, the design is set, $20 million has already been spent, the funding is secured at 2.5 percent. Are you kidding?

Vote no on measures B, C, D and E.

Sharon Frederick

Los Osos

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