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I hate it when government treats people like this
Thank you for your latest article about the Los Osos sewer issue ("The latest from Los Osos," Dec. 14). The Tribune's coverage seems to reflect their editorial position by omitting things that do not support it, mostly.

It sure seems like the fix is in and government is going to grind those people down, and force a huge sewer project in the center of town. Nothing else will be given anything but lip service. The zeal with which this goal is pursued leads me to think there might be more than the stated motivation involved here. What, exactly, I don't know maybe the usual things (money, power, etc.). I don't know. I really hope not.

Although I rented a place in Los Osos one year (1993), I really have no dog in this fight, except I hate it when government agencies treat people like this.

Leonard D. Baumert

Arroyo Grande




I was attacking New Times, not homosexuals
A couple of weeks ago, New Times published an e-mail that I sent directly to a New Times editor, not to letters to the editor ("New Times is staffed by immoral bastards," Dec. 21)! It was not intended to be published, but I meant every word of it. Once I saw that it was printed, I immediately knew it would be taken out of context and spun, and I was right.

I in no way was attacking homosexuality (I have gay friends who are great people and extremely fun to hang out with), contrary to what Mr. Kinz ("Homosexuals are part of the societal fabric," Dec. 28) has charged. I was criticizing the New Times staff and those on the left who skew, spin, warp, and fabricate information in order to justify an opinion or position on any number of issues. I showed how Ashley Schwellenbach CONVENIENTLY (intentionally) left out important facts that would have discredited her position!

When I stated that they were immoral bastards, it was in reference to that type of behavior, along with the printing of instructions on how to make meth and printing sympathetic pieces on behalf of pedophiles.

It was also intended to show the factual hypocrisy and intolerance of the left. Although I don't believe that homosexuals should be allowed to marry, I do believe in civil unions that carry the same basic rights as married couples. I believe marriage should be for man and woman.

So, to all homosexuals who were offended, please read the piece again (slowly) and you'll see that it was an attack on the mental disorder known as liberalism and New Times, and not an attack on you!

Michael R. Larrea

Los Osos




Homosexual agenda is a fraud on society
Michael Larrea, in his letter of Dec. 21 ("New Times is staffed by immoral bastards"), is more right than wrong despite the protests of Richard Kinz in his letter of Dec. 28 ("Homosexuals are part of the societal fabric"). Kinz may have a legal right to his sexual preference, but he is wrong in assuming this right is granted under the Constitution. Here is one reason why: One must differentiate "the right to commit sodomy" by consenting adults (Lawrence v. Texas) as compared to "the right to marry" now being contested by the nation's legislators and courts.

Kinz may claim homosexuals are ordinary folk, and he admits to having an agenda an apparent fraternal objective serving all homosexuals as a class (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender). But homosexuals will not admit that promiscuous sexual conduct is wrong. They do not dare compare their sexual habits with the inclination for pedophilia. Nor are they critical of bisexuals who wander from the dedication of a true marriage for same-sex excursions.

Further, the homosexual legislative agenda for teaching homosexuality in schools in the name of toleration obviously serves to introduce young people to accept their lifestyle with the disastrous objective to persuade young people to experiment with and/or join homosexual practices. I understand why Michael Larrea is angry!

Society-at-large understands the homosexual agenda's attempt to wrongfully describe those critical of it as being homophobic. It is a device of intimidation. For such criticism is not born of hate or fear but with the clear knowledge that the homosexual agenda is a massive fraud on society.

Otis Page

Arroyo Grande




Lead on, lesbians!
I enjoyed reading Sarah Miller's article about her pregnancy, less wedding ring ("Don't look at my finger like that," Dec. 28). She is due about the same time as Mary Cheney. Time Magazine recently had an article, titled "Two Mommies Is One Too Many." The article was by Focus on the Family's James C. Dobson. The question: Should lesbians have babies?

My elder generation, like Dobson, is afflicted with "homophobia." I personally have come a long way in acceptance of gays and lesbians. As a biologist, I have concluded it is genetic, thus not a "choice."

Mary is leading in social change (with no wedding ring as well). What is better than having a loving mother? Two loving mommies, like Mary and Heather. Lead on, lesbians. Your dads should be proud of you.

Bill Denneen





Do you really think I had that kind of power?
This letter is in response to Jack Campbell ("Bianchi and Bush have something in common," Dec. 28):

This letter asserted that I had wrecked Los Osos. Would that I had that much power! The people of Los Osos voted in the LOCSD in 1998, thus becoming a subdivision of the State of California the people in Los Osos recalled the original board, and voted in the current board, over my warnings that the direction the new board wanted to take would result in fines from the Regional and State Water boards, and that the district would go bankrupt. My warnings were not heeded, and were, in fact, denigrated.

Mr. Campbell would do well to look into the government process as to establishing a services district, which governmental entity (local, state, or federal) has jurisdiction over a services district, how board members are elected, and what jurisdiction the county actually has over a services district which is none, by the way. Which is why it required action by the state legislature (a unanimous vote), and a signature by the governor, to return jurisdiction to the county: actions which were unanimous in their disdain for the current district board.

Mr. Campbell would also do well to remember the old adage, "It is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and dispel any doubt."

Shirley Bianchi





Keep it up, Big Brothers and Big Sisters
Fifteen, fourteen, twelve, ten, eight, and four. Those were the ages of my children six years ago when the Big Brother Big Sister program caught up with us. I, like many, was a single parent. There was plenty of love in my family, but not enough hours in my day to give each of my children the much-craved one-on-one attention they deserved.

Enter Erin, Finney, Lauren, Danny, and Dani. These marvelous individuals took special notice of my children, as their mentors, their Big Brothers, their Big Sisters. Mowing lawns, watching movies, hanging out, driving dune buggies simple activities that the pairs did gave my kids things to look forward to, as well as things to talk about later.

Years have passed, half of my children are now adults, and most (but not all) of the Big Brother Big Sister relationships have moved on. As January is National Mentoring Month, I want to publicly thank them for their efforts on behalf of my children.

And by extension, I would like to thank all those who volunteer to take the time to make a difference in a child's life. You may never know what long-lasting effect you have had, but it is real. As a parent, I can tell you: You do make a difference!

So thank you! And keep it up! We parents are forever grateful to you.

Julie Seely

San Luis Obispo




Let's try for actual rehabilitation
The 1,000-inmate, 90-minute riot the morning of Dec. 30 at California Institution for Men in Chino, during which 51 men were injured some seriously is sadly telling of the urgency of prison reform.

All year long, Mason Stockstill, staff reporter with the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, has been reporting that CIM has become one of California's deadliest prisons. Stories on the seriousness of the prison-overcrowding crisis have appeared in papers across the state almost daily.

Talk of building more prisons and transferring a few prisoners to private out-of-state prisons will not solve this escalating problem. Immediate action on several fronts is needed to reduce prison populations drastically (many prisoners belong in mental health and drug treatment, not prison), revise sentencing laws to eliminate excessive sentences that do not match the crime, and reduce recidivism by training parole agents to help parolees succeed rather than cycle them back to prison on minor parole violations.

It should be a crime to build an industry with the goal of warehousing more and more criminals. Why not build an industry of crime prevention and actual rehabilitation?

Barbara Christie

Arroyo Grande



Put a stop to human bondage
It's not like the CDC has not been warned that the severe overcrowding was a riot waiting to happen. Fortunately, there were no lost lives in the recent melee at Chino. How can they expect peace when these people are herded like cattle on their way to slaughter?

The Russian author, Dostoyevsky, wrote these words: "The degree of civilization in a society is revealed by entering its prisons." The CDCR should be ashamed of the fact that they do not live up their name of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Rather, they should be called the California Department of Destruction, as they destroy self-esteem, hope, and lives. The lack of medical care, training, and psychological counseling is appalling. Without basic regard for humane conditions, our society is doomed to repeat history and correct nothing. We must put a stop this human bondage and start the process of rehabilitation so we can bring productive citizens back into our population with a high degree of success.

Leah Simon




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